Core + Restore: Tuesday 9/17/19

Core + Restore: Tuesday 9/17/19


Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Core work. People love it or hate it. I get it, I have a fluctuating relationship with it myself, but the importance of a strong core cannot be underestimated so love or hate it we all NEED it. Core muscles are the base of support for the entire body, surrounding and supporting your spine and pelvis, connecting your upper and lower body. A weak core can lead to other muscles compensating the load which is a great segue into injury. In this class we’ll spend the first 30 minutes in gentle movement with a focus on cultivating core strength, not superficial six pack abs, but deep core strength. The final 30 minutes will be a treat, supported restorative poses with a minimum 5 minute savasana.

(Class size limited to 8 people)

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