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A boutique Pilates + Yoga studio located in the heart of picturesque Orleans, MA.

Born out of a desire to create an intentionally small and cozy space, Centered provides a retreat from the busyness of life and holds space for you to move and be still, to laugh and get quiet, to connect with others and with yourself.  




Meet April


Hey, April here, owner and teacher at Centered Pilates and Yoga. I’ve been a student of yoga and Pilates for close to twenty years (how did that happen?!) and a teacher for nine. I stumbled haphazardly into my first yoga class on a whim and found something in it that stuck, that kept me wanting to learn more… 

Throughout the years my practice has gone through a metamorphosis—zigged and zagged but always been there. In the early days it was challenge, all about speed and conquering the hard stuff, the balance stuff, the upside down stuff.  More recently my practice has shifted and I find myself contemplating how I can create physical and mental sustainability and longevity. It’s become less about the glory of the ‘big’ poses, the sweat, and the 50 chaturangas and more about taking care of bones and joints and creating ease in my body. 

The Reformer has been my most useful tool on that quest, giving me the ability to create strength and length without compromising structural integrity. The seemingly endless possibilities on the Reformer combined with the ability to infuse yoga into the practice is what keeps me excited.

When I’m not in the studio I’m off the beaten path trying my best to live a slow life, searching for sea glass in undisclosed locations, camping with my family in our Airstream, homeschooling my little guru, eating dark chocolate, and taking afternoon naps. 



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