Welcome. We’ve include a few useful bits to help you learn a little more about the space and studio etiquette so we can all equally enjoy the experiences offered.

Interested in renting our space?

Our studio offers a cozy, bright, and welcoming space for any small group needs. The space can hold 8 yoga mats or about 10 people in a circle. For studio space rental inquiries and rates, please contact us.

Need to pay the studio space rental deposit? Click here.

Centered is located at 46 Main Street in Orleans MA above the Orleans Whole Foods Store and Main Street Books. Just step up onto the Whole Foods Store front porch, enter the green door to the left and head up the stairs, we’re on the left at the top.

There is street parking along Main Street as well as a town lot behind the building. Please note that some spots in that lot are for bank use only.

The room will be heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature somewhere in the 70s. On beautiful days we’ll be popping the windows open to conserve energy.

Centered does not sell bottled water, please bring your own, or if you forget you may purchase some downstairs at the Orleans Whole Foods Store, extra credit for using reusable containers.

Everything that you need for class is provided for you. Mats, bolsters and props will all be arranged, simply find a spot you like and settle in. If you use a mat towel or an eye pillow, feel free to bring those along with you.



  • Please plan to arrive ten minutes prior to class start time to fill out any necessary paperwork and to give yourself time to get situated and settled in. Private and Reformer clients may arrive at class start time.

  • Be advised that the door will be locked at the start of class so as not to disturb the experience of others in the group. Refunds will not be issued for students arriving after the start of class.

  • It is customary to remove your shoes immediately upon entrance into a yoga studio and we request that you do, fewer germs and dirt on the floor is always a good thing.

  • Please refrain from smoking prior to class and from wearing heavy, synthetic scents (i.e. perfume, lotions, body sprays and colognes). Centered is a small space and many folks have sensitivities to strong or artificial fragrances. Someone’s perfume might equal a migraine for someone else. In keeping with this request only non-toxic, organic cleaning products are used at Centered and any scents (diffuser or candles) are from pure therapeutic grade essential oils derived from nature.

  • Please do not come to class if you are getting, feeling or recovering from being sick. Pilates and Yoga are breath centered practices and illnesses can spread quickly in a small space. Be considerate of others if you are sick, stay at home, recover, and come to class when you are feeling 100% again.

  • Please make certain that your phone is in do not disturb mode, with all sounds and vibrations turned off, extra credit if you leave your phone in the car.

  • Please maintain soft voices in group classes, other students may be there to get some much needed peace and quiet.

  • At the conclusion of group classes please use the provided mat spray and towels to wipe down your mat and arrange the props as you found them upon entering.